Bollywood - the Indian cinema center heart - a place of songs, music, dance and magic movies!

Both population and flora and fauna, geographic and climate system are among the most diverse in the world. India - a country with a civilization more than 5,000 years of mystery, traditions, contradictions, and of course bollywood film and bollywood music!

1 Bollywood film industry is the most prolific in the world and its center consists in bollywood production (its name is derived from Bombay, the former name of Mumbai city, whose studios are located in the capital of Maharashtra and who mainly commercial bollywood movies. Cinema is an art and a form of entertainment very popular in India irrespective of age, sex, caste, social or geographical origin of the Indians, the latter attending massive in cinema.

Bollywood film cinema summarizes most productions, with 800-900 feature films produced annually. Not many years ago has beaten the record of 1,000 bollywood movies. Bollywood is bigger than Hollywood and Indian audience is very loyal to their national bollywood film cinema. About 13 million people go to the cinema every day. Even a low-income family goes to the cinema at least once a week. Hardly one can find, in India, more important than cinema and therefore than bollywood films.

The bollywood film tells the story much easier to follow, is funny, even touching a topic as can be serious and remains socially engaged. This new style of bollywood films cinema was called Hinglish. It is the language of a new generation, heavily influenced by India's great economic progress and social changes through which it passes. Bollywood movie directors bold striking style with determination through their bollywood films in the wall traditionalism. Directors proposed acidic satire and comedy to illustrate the complexity of a society in its full progress. By Hinglish means a free and modern form of bollywood films cinema that inspires the subject until recently considered taboo, such as sexual fantasies, exotic lingerie, adultery, homosexuality, corruption and unemployment, to promote bollywood pictures, bollywood actress pics, bollywood concert, bollywood music, bollywood songs.

The content of these bollywood movies is more realistic from popular bollywood movies, the characters are more defined, traits receive substantial plot that is more complex.

2 The birth of Bollywood is dated May 3, 1913. Bollywood film cinema was silent then. “Raja Harishchandra” bollywood film enjoys a huge success, even if bollywood actresses’ characters were played by men - cinema was the profession forbidden to women.

Govind Phalke Dhundiraj made about 100 bollywood films before being removed from cinema, appeared in 1930. For many, the 1950s were dubbed the “golden age" of bollywood film cinema, the emergence of the great filmmakers of the time, like Satyajit Ray, considered the greatest bollywood filmmaker, born not from Mumbai (Bombay), but competing studios of West Bengal.

In the 1970s and 1980s, bollywood films sector has gained in professionalism, but also in commercial productions. At the limit, the bollywood film directors approached realistic cinema style like “Arth”, by Mahesh Bhatt (1982), which shows a link adulteress and that highlights the roles of strong women characters.

Bollywood films cinema has crossed then a difficult decade: color TV, internet piracy and money dependence of mobs have jeopardized momentum. Then the Indian economy began to open in early 1990. Funding sources were diversified. Fox and Disney studios have opened branches in Mumbai. Ten years later, was the bollywood films cinema industry time. Rich, popular, now is need to diversify, to leave the U.S. back on track that followed bollywood a little too easy, say some critics.

Innovative bollywood filmmakers begin to make a name in the industry worldwide, and Anurag Kashyap, whose film “indie Hindi was touring major festivals in the world. According to Raj Nidimoru, co director the film “Go Goa Gone”, one of the first Indian movie with zombies, alternative cinema in India is just getting his first steps:

“Now it's just a ripple, but will soon become a wave!”

Also bollywood soap operas are bollywood films written, produced and filmed in India, with bollywood actors and bollywood actresses (not to be confused with the Indians in Western movies, unrelated to bollywood soap opera).

Bollywood soap operas daily, weekly, or twice a week and are running on special television networks in India as Star Network, Sony Entertainment, Sun Network, Doordarshan, Zee TV.

But these bollywood films soap operas are not broadcast only in India but in many suitable places, such as the U.S., UK, and other European countries, including Romania, and South Africa and Australia. Languages ​​that prevail in bollywood films soap operas and in bollywood movies are those usually used in India, though many of these Indian soaps use a mix of Indian and English.

3 Bollywood movies Hindi soap operas or serials as they are called, have a number of features. Typically Indian soaps (Hindi series) are stereotyped, such as the story and the characters in their features.

One of the first Bollywood movies soap opera was Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi with Bahu Thi. In this first bollywood film soap was the story of an Indian businessman, the son of a humble and loyal wife and son. Immediately after the show, there was another Indian soap opera, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, which would translate “Story of our houses (families)” where as it was about a family of businessmen, a much-loved son, etc. Although the bollywood films are somewhat parallel similarity is quite high, writers usually try to shock the audience through various extreme scenes. Basically, they are using the leap time jump (about 20 years usually)- it appears when the show ends an era and the next episode; then continuous over 20 years (more or less) later, the effect of aging is highlighted with a few strips of white paint in the hair of bollywood actresses, and a few shades of gray the hair or mustache for bollywood actors.

The scenario of characters’ face changing encountered especially in bollywood soap operas is characterized by changing a character's face, for example, a doctor, after a car accident. In some scenarios the patient loses his memory, and combined with the effect “leap of 20 years” can be a part of Indian series plot.

But as can be seen bollywood movies and bollywood songs have all that is needed to relax: a little bit of magic!

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