Bollywood - the movie industry greater than Hollywood!

In Indian bollywood film cinema there are so- called “masala films”. They refer to production that mixes action with love, bollywood music with drama, comedy with melodrama.

Bollywood – the movie industry greater than Hollywood! Pour over some beautiful shots of nature and some colorful dressed characters dancing frantically.  Even the name of a spice masala is very rich in flavor and intense in color. But every Indian bollywood film mainstream production is less “masala”. So much for restraint in putting more and no means saving it. Being close to the bollywood film in post-production when finished product in terms of image, sometimes confesses that adapt to aesthetic criteria of the Indian bollywood movies was difficult. There are fundamental cultural differences different then the aesthetic perspective of a European or American, having other motives and other mental architecture by building a picture. Think these bollywood movies are quite emotional and there were moments when people could really resonate with certain projects. Obviously this does not affect their performance, but people felt quite unpleasant intimate watching these bollywood films. For those watchers who did read a Treaty of Indian esthetic it will be easier to understand more accurately the differences, nuances, and the language of aesthetics, architecture and bollywood picture story.

In bollywood film cinema par excellence love color, black and white movies have survived until 1961. Yet in '37 was made ​​the first attempt to get a color film, not with much success. Moreover, most abundant, brighter, more colorful, is often the same as the most beautiful in Indian bollywood film cinema. Manmohan Desai, the father of “masala” bollywood movies defined his philosophy as he doesn’t want that people to forget the mess. He wants to go with him in a dream world where there is no poverty, no beggars, where destiny is good and God is his own business. Because the aesthetic bollywood movies don’t mean poor quality films but there are quite high quality in bollywood movies. Working with high performance technology and the bollywood actors and bollywood actresses met there had impressive portfolios. In Bollywood could meet professionals from the UK, France, and Belgium. Some of them, beyond the work they perform for the bollywood film company, they also act as whole teams to train Indian professionals. If they talk from technical perspective, all equipment was the next generation is always working with the latest software.

Bollywood – the movie industry greater than Hollywood! Bollywood 's dream is coming to Hollywood to refine their bollywood productions in the Western sense, of aspiration to make bollywood movies becoming more desirable to the western market. Agneepath ( Path of Fire ), the great success of 2012 , is an action bollywood film, in which if is edited the bollywood music and dance scenes get a Hollywood action movie with explosions and bloody revenge, bold heroes, the better and the worse. Furthermore, a touch of fantasy, makes it even more desirable to the western markets. It can be perceived the general trend of the bollywood film industry, its reform, and Indian bollywood film industry is trying to change the aesthetic paradigms in much faster than u can make people who actually work in it.

Bollywood 's kept an eye toward Hollywood since the beginning. This report led to an avalanche of copies of the films overseas knows. Kramer vs. Kramer, In bed with the enemy, Mrs. Doubtfire, Silence of the Lambs, Reservoir Dogs or Lolita even have correspondents Indian bollywood movies cinema. True, Silence of the Lambs, though faithfully copied, portrays a psycho who does not eat people, but believes in child sacrifice. Coincidence or not, Nishabd ( Lolita Bollywood ) a middle-aged photographer is seduced by a teenager without inhibitions, which starts a relationship impossible. Bollywood film directors are reluctant to admit in general sources of inspiration, explaining that they generally work with human subjects, able to arouse strong emotions.

But the West did not remain insensitive to the expressiveness of Indian bollywood film. With a bag of Oscars, made ​​low-budget Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire, bollywood 's as fit, from script to cut, from bollywood music to bollywood actors’ conquerors. What is less known is that Slumdog Millionaire is co directed by Loveleen Tandan an Indian bollywood film director and casting director.

Bollywood – the movie industry greater than Hollywood! Money and fame were brought to bollywood actors and bollywood actresses by the Indian bollywood film industry which last year meant record collections. Indian newspaper The Economic Times is the main reason for growing new technologies. When there are more than one billion people in that country is only important to have a large distribution network. And the Internet means better distribution for bollywood movies in Mumbai. Of course, taking into consideration there are generally low costs entailed production, but also the flexibility to hire who they want. The bollywood film industry can develop in different rhythm. Prashant Shah is customary in the credits of films produced in America, but having topics with Indian bollywood stars. One example is My Name is Khan with Shah Rukh Khan (probably the biggest names in bollywood at the moment ) in the lead role, which received only cinema tickets nearly 40 million dollars, of which 13 in the U.S. States of America. Prashant Shah explained he sees the business in terms of bollywood and Hollywood as Hollywood is very methodical and bollywood is organic. In America they are dealing with many formalities and high costs, expenses with various kinds of executive, finance costs, tax lawyers, trade unions and unions. That means on average 57 % of the total budget of a film. At bollywood there are no talent agencies, unions, staff management there is expensive, and contracts are executed after a handshake in a way that they do business family. Hollywood is crazy lawsuits and legal hunters. Hollywood 's “sue”, bollywood 's “let's get along”. Obviously understanding it's not small, especially if it looks at the total amount of business to the Indian bollywood film industry. In 2013 profits from films exceeded $ 3 billion, the number of productions went 1000. 3.6 billion tickets have been sold, and big budgets bollywood film productions that have on global stars like Aishwarya Rai bollywood actress pics may reach up to 30 million dollars.

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