Bollywood – a movie industry which yearly grows!

The bollywood culture is the result of traditions that combined elements of heterogeneous civilizations present in the Indian Territory and it become one of the largest movies industries which grows year by year.

Bollywood – a movie industry which yearly grows! Bollywood music, for example is very diverse. Classical music is essentially duplicated between Indian traditions of northern Hindustani and southern Carnatic and then mixed with forms of music with a pronounced regional character and folk music includes bollywood songs as Bhangra. Bollywood movies industry is the most prolific in the world. Its center is established from Hollywood production (name derived from Bombay, the former name of Mumbai city, whose studios are located in the capital of Maharashtra and who mainly commercial Hindi films. Bollywood films industry is also thriving in the city Kolkata, Chennai and Kerala. There is also a negligible production of films in telugu, kannada, Malay, Tamula, Bengali and Marathi. Bollywood movies cinema is an art and a very popular form of entertainment in India irrespective of age, sex, caste social origin or geographic Indians, the latter attending massive cinema. Most famous bollywood actors and bollywood actresses enjoyed such inequality prestige in their societies, and the links between the bollywood film industry and politics are often very close, some bollywood actors occupying important government positions as MG Ramachandran, popularly Tamula bollywood actor became prime minister of Tamil - Nadu state. Apart from the sometimes stereotypical mass production, there is also an original film, whose best known representative is beyond India Bengali Satyajit Ray. It can cite among bollywood classics filmmakers the Guru Dutt, Raj Kapoor and Adoor Gopalakrishnan; among bollywood contemporary filmmakers is Mira Nair that is noted that part of independent bollywood films cinema and has obtained several international awards including a Golden Lion at Venice in 2001. Films have the exile core, conflict between generations or female sexuality and censorship thereof. On a more casual, Karan Johar, born into a family of filmmakers of bollywood has his own production company and is trying to revive old bollywood movies with reflections on family morals representative of commercial cinema in Mumbai.

Bollywood – a movie industry which yearly grows! Then came color bollywood films. That's only in the late 1950s. The color époque increased very much the industrial development of bollywood movies. It was the period in which bollywood songs and musicals and melodrama were appreciated everywhere. Bollywood stars like Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand have created their own brands being the bollywood pictures. The 1960s and 1970s brought to the fore good bollywood pictures and bollywood actor stars like Dharmendra, Jeetendra and Rajesh Khanna, known as heroes in action bollywood movies. Another milestone in bollywood film industry is in 1975, when they launched the 70mm films. Sholay, the first bollywood film released in 70mm film had much success in the first week. But it slowly became very popular, as was watching. Since the 1980s, the heroes were bloodthirsty and every film is said the famous line “main tera Khoon kuttey jaunga pee." Amitabh Bachchan was the period when it was known as the angry young man.

The day of 7 July 1896 is a milestone in Bollywood films industry. It was the first time in India when ran an Indian bollywood film. Several years have passed and in 1913 Raja Harishchandra Dadasaheb Phalke made ​​the first Indian bollywood film made ​​in India. Have a length of 1127 m, and the action was based on Mahabharata. The films were black and white and no sound at first. Then was the time of bollywood movies with sound. Alam Ara was the first sound film was released in 1931. Was very successful.
By the end of the century, the public wanted to see only bollywood pictures family dramas and comedies. And then, Hum Apke Hain Kaun bollywood movies like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge which had a great financial success. From the technical standpoint, the bollywood films were wrong, but they were in the most important period. They were very long, had up to 11 to 12 bollywood songs and choreography and they were very simple stories. But their advantage was that the stories were realistic and showed more emotion. People laughed, cried and enjoyed the same time at these bollywood movies.

Bollywood – a movie industry which yearly grows! Latest bollywood news of the present era is rebuilding. Most bollywood film directors restore the great hits of the past. Some of the most recent releases are Devdas, Umrao Jaan and Don. People have become demanding and it is not easy to estimate that the bollywood films will catch those who do not. They had to search through advertising creativity, ideas and new thinking having the impact point on bollywood wallpaper, bollywood photos, bollywood actress pics, additional bollywood concert as the world of Bollywood movies is now a new one which is concentrated on rebuild the bollywood picture.

A lot of new bollywood directors have the opportunity to show this new world and its modern stories; that they are not afraid to experiment. The higher the risk, the greater the profit. Each bollywood director is now ready to show the world how the relationship unfolds. Even if it is a divorce or cohabiting lives today nothing is taboo.

In the 70s and 80s, kissing scenes were considered as cheap as the stunt. Today kisses are commonplace in everyday life and the public accepted them as such. But in the past three years, the biggest sensations are produced by bollywood films love scenes. Where very mature bollywood movies had these scenes were accepted and the public, but the cheaper presented were rejected.
In India, to maintain control over a bollywood film was formed a committee of censors. Members of the committee are also men and women. Each bollywood film will get a certificate from the commission, before being released. If is approved to audiences as U/A, then it can be shown, but if the audience is A, the bollywood film will be viewed only by people older than 18 years.

There are large and small bollywood studios, having their according budget. Bollywood movies produced by Johar, Yash Raj, Mukta and Kapoors are obviously high budget bollywood movies. Some of the most expensive films are Dhoom 2, Don and Devdas is first on the list, with a budget of 1 billion. There are others like Iqbal, Hazaaron Khwaishain Aise, etc. Even if a bollywood film is big or small, its value will be determined by the public. The audience has become pretentious and the number of hits began to decline.

Most bollywood movies were great box office. The public was tired of seeing movies copied from Hollywood or reproduction of older movies. Lately bollywood news regarding Indian films brought a breath of fresh air. The year started with the magic of Aamir’s film and ended with Hritik’s talent.

Years in which, each bollywood film is trying to be better than the previous; full of dance and bollywood music. Years full of romance, suspense, action, drama and comedy, but bollywood will make to surprise as always did.

Because bollywood is a wonderful world where everything is full of happiness and love which yearly grows!

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