Bollywood movies - a short history of love and romance!

Indian bollywood film industry is known for its heart is in Bombay. Tourists visiting Bombay, or Mumbai as it is now known, want to make contact with the bollywood film industry and with bollywood stars.

Bollywood movies - a short history of love and romance! Indian bollywood films are usually very spicy. A bollywood film made in India must have bollywood music, dancing, bollywood songs, romance, action, suspense, comedy, family drama, etc. Most residents of India are working about 10 hours a day and return home without having any fun party. The only way they have fun is a bollywood film. Even if it is a mogul or a person driving rickshaw, everyone likes bollywood movies. So that, to produce a bollywood film, had to take into consideration the target audience and social classes.

Indian bollywood film cinema has grown sharply, and the public is now very mature. It wants more bollywood music and dancing, but not the combination of those. So now is develops a new market for bollywood music. This creates nice bollywood songs only for a particular dancer will dance and increase sales. But now the audience asked good bollywood movies and exciting scenarios. Before the hero was the one who had to do the whole movie, but now activities are divided. A bollywood film will be appreciated even if the distribution is not well known. It is enough for bollywood film to have a good story and bollywood actors do their job. A good example would be “Khosla Ka Ghosla”. There is a particular hero of the bollywood film, but the action is real and funny.
In three hours the audience laughs, cry and sit in suspense, and this is a difficult task for directors. Therefore, hats off to all bollywood film directors in India who always come up with new ideas and interesting to meet public needs.

Every bollywood film has a main story and many other smaller stories built around it. From time to time it might not be room for funny moments. But bollywood filmmakers use other characters and funny moments to make the film. Comedy is not about the movie. In the past, people accepted this kind of fun, but today only when the public accepts the comedy part of the main story.
Those who want to see bollywood movies feelings are very attentive and the quality of those feelings. If they do not cry and do not say the right lines the star is rejected immediately by the public. Bollywood actors need to be persuasive. Here it is tested the ability of the director. Comedy must appear at the appropriate time, and tears have paid realistic.

Bollywood movies - a short history of love and romance! Bollywood movies in India should be made with respect for family values and traditions. Every bollywood film that shows a ceremony has to do correctly. If there are any bollywood songs in a wedding bollywood film, it not only becomes a hit. It becomes a part of every Indian wedding. Bollywood movies like “Hum Saath Saath Hain Hum Apke Hain Kaun” became very popular, because every scene in the bollywood film shows the real situations of families and weddings.

A bollywood film is made so as to be understood and a 5 year old and an 85 year old. Must have a compelling story, good game bollywood actresses and bollywood actors, beautiful bollywood music, attractive locations, good choreography and a very bad to be caught even if he's dying.

This is true Bollywood style. The hero must defeat as many enemies. The heroine has to cry for no reason. The villain must always be ugly. Police never gets time to save someone.

Everything depends on the hero, he saves the wrong guy and catch enemies. Heroines will be very nice makeup, even at midnight. Mother-in laws are bad and the daughters- they never care their happiness, but good and happiness of others. This is the bollywood film industry has many errors, but it is still the largest industry in the world. Are five times more movies a year than the number of days in the year.

The Indian bollywood film industry produces annually about 1,000 films. Of these, many have lovely dance scenes, bollywood actresses and beautiful bollywood actors, well done as a headpiece. But there are awkward Bollywood movies, unintentionally comical and accusations of plagiarism by American films.

Love is one of the most beautiful and complex emotions of being human emotional repertoire. And the immense complexity normal sometimes it cannot express just talking. Have to sing and dance!

For many people bollywood movies are as relevant as the Japanese Otaku phenomenon or dance the Romans. Are a feature of Indian culture, an artistic product that is going to be exported in the table (not as if there were no demand), but the fact is all based on certain principles specific narrative fictions in India.

Indeed, there are many, and not all are good. Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world, surpassing even Hollywood. But in all honesty many people tell that they prefer to watch an Indian bollywood film poor quality than a bad American movie as for the Indian bollywood film they didn’t have spent millions of dollars to get something mediocre like on American bad movie.

Bollywood movies - a short history of love and romance! Indian bollywood movies seem very creative with all that follow a certain formula. People live in a culture mixes and remixes, but the Indians took a few decades before incorporating in their bollywood movies full of ideas and concepts taken from the West. Here bollywood movies are providing a simple story, which included Bollywood influences and had great success. Because it is a pleasant, a form of creativity that everyone wants to embrace. Everyone loves bollywood music and bollywood songs and they should not be ashamed of it. To design of bollywood movies choreography for a group of 20-30 people dancing at the same time is not so easy. It is similar to Hollywood musicals from old times. It's too hard to do a musical, and yet it is alive in bollywood for more than 70 years. And thank God for that.

Soap bollywood film opera resemblance is not accidental, but as if the soap thinks people can still appreciate the fact that has no negative values and the characters. In bollywood movies love and romance are ... and remember to all people about four boys from Liverpool that once sang “All You Need Is Love”.

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